What makes us special, you ask?

Atou adopts a fresh approach on traditional consulting, aiming to be the one contact point for all your business needs. Our broad range of services, expertise, as well as extensive network of contacts allow us to identify the challenges that your business encounters and not only present you with viable solutions but also deliver results through corrective action implementation, training  and consistent business support.

Flexibility. We don’t have the recipe for success but we know the ingredients well and we experiment with the seasoning to help you create your own recipe for success. We know how business works in real life and are not rigid when it comes to extravagant ideas or outrageous goals. Simply put, we find solutions.

Personal touch. If you’ve already started your business or have made the first steps, you’ve most likely already been to a seminar or attended an online class for entrepreneurs. Don’t get us wrong, you should, they are greatly educational and inspiring. However, you will find that in most cases, shortly after they end, you will be left with questions, you will try to understand how all this knowledge applies to you and you will wonder what to do next. If you are looking for business support, Atou will guide you through each step of your venture, so you can feel you are not alone.

Dedication and commitment. Atou was created from a tremendous passion for business and a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit. Each company that we have worked with noticed a significant improvement in a relatively short time, purely because we treat each business as if it were our own and we are relentless when it comes to its success.

Cost effective solutions. Business consultants or mentors often charge hefty fees for their services. Atou customise all proposals to reflect a realistic budget and base fees on results, rather than on daily rates.

We open doors. Broadening your network of contacts, as well as learning about your industry can lead to opportunities which would otherwise remain unexplored.

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